When I paste the URL of an image into an org-mode file and then export it to HTML, the remote image URL gets turned into an img tag and displayed in my HTML file without the need for me to save the image locally.

For instance, if I have a file foo.org consisting solely of the text https://vetstreet-brightspot.s3.amazonaws.com/fa/19/73e1a8864e8a868b30d728f81431/most-popular-puppy-names-2016-thinkstockphotos-527135315.jpg, it will export to an HTML file with a viewable image.

I'd like to do the same thing with PDFs. How can I include remote images when exporting to PDF via LaTeX?

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Try the latest org-mode. The Newsgroups, "gmane.emacs.orgmode" has an entry dated Sun, 19 Jan 2020, with news of a text/x-patch 0001-org.el-Add-inline-remote-image-display.patch.

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