I'm trying to implement a gamification system in org-mode.

Basically, I assign a number of points to a checkboxed task and when I tick the checkbox I add the number of points to a total at the top of my file.

I'm trying to write a function that does this automatically, like for example turning this:

Total points: 45

- Things to do today
  - [ ] Wa|sh clothes: 5

into this:

Total points: 50

- Things to do today
  - [X] Wa|sh clothes: 5

when the cursor is at the vertical bar.

How would I write a function that extracts the number from the end of the line and stores it in a variable, extracts the top number and stores it in a variable, adds the variables together and replaces the top number with the new total?

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    What have you tried so far? Is this just a request that someone write you a function? If so, it should be off-topic, IMO. – Drew May 6 '17 at 16:56
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    Please clarify what you mean by "just one function": the number of functions used is usually of no relevance at all (invisible to the user, for example), kind of like the number of feet used while washing the dishes. – Stefan May 6 '17 at 17:39
  • So now there's no question at all. If you want to keep your question here on Emacs.SX I suggest you remove your answer and replace it with a properly formulated question. Then you can separately provide an answer to it (but not as an edit of your question). – Stefan May 7 '17 at 1:36
  • Sorry for the lack of clarity, my bad. I've edited the question to ask a specific question now. I will separately answer my question with the right answer. Just waiting for the question to be taken off hold. – Antonius Vado May 7 '17 at 1:53

I found the answer to my own question - the trick was to use setq with thing-at-point to get the value into a variable:

(defun tally-adder ()
  "Adds local tally to global tally"
    (move-end-of-line nil)
    (setq end-of-line-tally (thing-at-point 'number))
    (move-end-of-line nil)
    (setq global-tally (thing-at-point 'number))
    (backward-kill-word 1)
    (insert (number-to-string (+ end-of-line-tally global-tally)))))

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