I know about the %a template element, which inserts the stored link in the entry. I'd also like to automatically store a link whenever org-capture is called from within emacs (as opposed to spawning a capture window externally via emacsclient).

This would be useful, for example, when coding and needing to capture a task relevant to the passage of code I'm currently writing, or when I'm reading email and decide the current email needs to become a task.

When appropriate, I'd like to include the line number in the link.

Is this something that's already built in, or would it require a custom lisp function? I'm thinking I can probably advise org-capture to run org-store-link first, but perhaps there's a better idea.


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org-capture already calls org-store-link and puts the information into a property list:

(plist-get org-store-link-plist :annotation)

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