I can toggle org-mode TODO status with L and H when the pointer rests at a org heading. I wish I could bind those keys to tabbar-"movements" to mimic the behaviour I get in all othem mode with this simple snippet while the pointer is not above an org heading.

  (define-key evil-normal-state-map "L" 'tabbar-forward-tab)
  (define-key evil-normal-state-map "H" 'tabbar-backward-tab)

When I hit L or H I get this currently:

user-error: To use shift-selection with Org mode, customize ‘org-support-shift-select’

How can I customize the org-support-shift-select so I get the behaviour I want?

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From org-support-shift-select's docstring:

Non-nil means make shift-cursor commands select text when possible.

You have to set it to t by adding this to your configuration:

(setq org-support-shift-select t)

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