I recently switched from Emacs to Spacemacs because of developing RSI, so I'm trying for Spacemacs key bindings for all common actions. For creating a frame I now use SPC w F. But the only key binding I know for closing an Emacs "frame" (that is, a OS X Windows) is Cmd-Shift-w. Is there nothing better?


The keybinding is under the "quit" submenu: SPC q z.


The keybinding is under the "quit" submenu: SPC q f.

This answer is accurate as of Spacemacs 0.300.0@26.1 (if not an earlier version). StackExchange didn't allow me to modify the original answer because my edit was fewer than 6 characters.

  • Can you add which version of Spacemacs you're referring to?
    – user12563
    Jan 6 '19 at 21:57

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