I'm using a customized clockreport as shown below, it worked for over a year but now the selected properties column values are not shown in the agenda clockreport anymore. Do I need to change something? The properties columns are showing but not the values of them. Everything else in the table looks normal.

(setq org-agenda-clockreport-parameter-plist (quote
 (:lang "de" :maxlevel 6 :fileskip0 t
 :properties ("Auftragsnummer" "Leistungsart" "Abgemeldet")
 :indent t :narrow 80!)))

Org mode Example

:Auftragsnummer: 123456789
*** Tätigkeiten
**** ERLEDIGT Done Something
:Abgemeldet: Ja
:Leistungsart: ABCDE01
CLOCK: [2017-05-20 Sa 10:00]--[2017-05-20 Sa 11:00] =>  1:00

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This was a bug in 9.0.7. Upgrade to 9.0.8 fixed it.

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