The default behavior for helm-bibtex is to bind actions to the function keys F1, F2,.... How can I change this to use the number keys 1,2,... instead?

  • Helm probably has a way to customize the keys. I'd check there.
    – tmalsburg
    Oct 6, 2017 at 22:45

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Find out what keymap they are bound in, in that context, and create your own keybindings for the number keys to the same commands, in that map.

If you want to also remove the function-key bindings, bind those keys to nil instead of a command, in that keymap.

If the keymap is not the global-map (which is likely) then use define-key.

But before you do anything, find out what the number keys already do in the mode you are interested in. In most modes they are bound to a command such as digit-argument, which is used for a prefix argument (e.g., for use with C-u). Typically you do not want to sacrifice that use.

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