New to emacs and noticed the built in mail mode.

Once I enter mail mode and fill everything out, what is the keyboard shortcut to send the email?


Inside any major mode you can type M-x describe-mode (C-h m) to view its description and key bindings.

mail-mode reports:

C-c C-s  mail-send (send the message)
C-c C-c  mail-send-and-exit (send the message and exit)

I recommend you read the Emacs Manual node on Sending Mail.

Note that message-mode has superseded mail-mode as the default compose-mail (C-x m) mode. See the Emacs Manual node on Mail-Composition Methods.

message-mode maintains the same keybindings as mail-mode for sending mail:

C-c C-s  ‘message-send’ (send the message)
C-c C-c  ‘message-send-and-exit’
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