Is it possible to have a SAVED visibility in Org mode ?

Something like:


akin to this.

SAVED would remember the exact folding state (recorded by the command org-mode-save-folding-state-of-subtree) of the subtree. The folding of the subtree would be restored to the saved state when switching from FOLDED to SAVED.

How can this be done in Org mode ?


See http://orgmode.org/manual/Initial-visibility.html#Initial-visibility. You can set a VISIBILITY property on each node to specify its initial visibility, and call org-set-startup-visibility (bound to C-u C-u <TAB>) to restore those saved settings.

You may be able to write a custom command to walk the tree and set the visibility property of each node based on its current state, but there's no built-in support for that.

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