I started following Calc-mode tutorial in Spacemacs and I noticed that, once we get in Total Algebraic mode(C-x * c, to start calc-mode, then m t to enable total algebraic mode) the way we should exit from this mode should be by using M-m t.

But it turns out that this key combo, in Spacemacs, has other meaning, calling other functions.

How can I exit from Total Algebraic mode(calc-total-algebraic-mode)?


After analize the documentation of Algebraic Entry I manage to find the reference to the original function and realized that, in fact, it just toggles the mode on and off.
Then, using the help system(C-h f calc-total-algebraic-mode) I could verify that the keys binding to this function actually are M-m m-t.

So, to exit from the total algebraic mode in Spacemacs we just need to call the same function using M-m m-t.

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