How can I add tmsu tags as a source for helm-mini?


There doesn't seem to be such a source, so I am trying to define it by myself consider something like this:

(helm :sources (helm-build-async-source "test2"
                 (lambda ()
                   (start-process "tmsu" nil "tmsu" "files" "tag1 tag2")))
      :buffer "*helm async source*")

However this doesn't work, since now it is hard coded to call tmsu for the tags tag1 and tag2. Instead helm should update the candidate list dynamically if I change the tmsu query.


You can get the input from helm-pattern, for example,

(helm :sources
      (helm-build-async-source "test"
        (lambda ()
          (start-process "echo" nil "echo" helm-pattern))))

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