How am I supposed to organize my daily mail with Gnus?
Where to put my old mail (without deleting it) and stay in touch with all those old or incoming TODOs and topics?


I already got a working Gnus configuration. I can see and reply to email.
I could not yet find an article about: how to actually work with Gnus.
Gnus does not (easily) seem to support moving mails to another folder(?)

How do I work until now:

  • until now I am using Claws-mail.
  • I receive mail daily. This mail need to be read and after that, I use this mail in my Inbox as an TODO item. This is not the best approach, but it works.
  • When I finished the TODO, or the mail is just an information, I stuff this mail into a subfolder (I have nearly 120 of them, all with different topic).
  • From time to time I need to look up some information from old mails (even from 3 years old mails). The information is stored in excel sheets, word documents, Zip-archives, PDFs, text files, web links, or just the mails body. I then navigate to the folder and see the mail at once or I search this folder
  • what is not working with claws:
    • claws-mail does not support searching an entire folder subtree (this would be nice to have)
    • clwas-mail does not support searching in archives, PDFs strange document formats (I do not care about this)

What would I like to be able to do:

  • I do not need to have the same workflow in Gnus, but I need to find all topic related information from mails fast.
  • When talking about finding mails: not always the mail subject is useful. Sometimes the date, when the mail arrived, has to be taken into account.


  • It is too time consuming to retype everything into some sort of database and imho sometimes not possible. So I would like to use the information already stored in those emails.
  • I do not care if I need to reorganize the exiting mail folder tree.
  • This question is not about org-mode, but I most probably will use that, too. (its the initial reason, why I would like to switch)
  • I liked the idea of mu4e and notmuch, but they do not support s/mime (and X-Mail-Headers) properly, so I can't use them.

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