How can I connect the standard Emacs programming debugger (is this GUD? I don't know) to the running Python application's debugger?

When developing large Python applications, the Python pdb debugger is invoked by running the full application in debug mode. This also allows a remote connection.

How can I tell Emacs that there's a running instance of the application, it allows debugging via pdb, here's the PIN to authenticate, and please sync the code buffers and let me set breakpoints, step through, etc. using Emacs-provided debugging tools?

  • Are you using GUD, or do you want to just run a shell in Emacs where you can send commands to PDB?
    – wvxvw
    Commented Jun 7, 2017 at 6:26

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I don't know about built in solutions, but I suggest you to try realgud: https://github.com/realgud/realgud. It's absolute gold in my opinion and it works with both pdb and ipdb.

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