Q: how can I get magit + ido to ignore tags when checking out a branch?

I'm using magit + ido. When I go to check out a branch, ido helpfully gives me the names of all existing branches, but it also gives me the names of all tags. Sometimes I want that, but usually I don't.

How can I convince magit + ido not to offer tags as a completion option?

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You can control how refs are sorted with magit-list-refs-sortby, but Magit doesn't have a built-in option for excluding tags from the candidates listed by magit-checkout.

One way you could get this behavior is by overriding magit-checkout's interactive form, temporarily removing "refs/tags" from magit-list-refs-namespaces.

 'magit-checkout :around
 (lambda (f revision)
    (list (let ((magit-list-refs-namespaces
                 (remove "refs/tags" magit-list-refs-namespaces)))
            (magit-read-other-branch-or-commit "Checkout"))))
   (funcall f revision))
 '((name . "magit-checkout-notags")))

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