pdf-tools jumps from the end of one page to the next page. Is there a ways to activate some kind of smooth scrolling? Also is there a way to display a double sided layout on my screen?


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Currently, this is not possible. Several feature requests have been submitted on the project's GitHub page: Feature request: continuous view #27, and more recently, Double pages layout #303.

Apparently, this will not be fixed soon, quoting the package author in one of his replies to issue #27:

Generally speaking, there are two issues:

  • Large parts of the software (including image-mode) assume a one-to-one correspondence between a displayed page and its window.
  • Emacs is not easily convinced to scroll an image, such that its display starts in the middle of it, in case would completely fits into the window.

Maybe a bit late, but there is a fix that works for me, see here: https://github.com/politza/pdf-tools/issues/55

The second-to-last post has a fix which works for me. Place the functions somewhere in your Emacs config and bind them to C-M-v or C-M-S-v respectively.

Not a pretty hack, but works so far for me - at least with pdf-tools.

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This package does that https://github.com/dalanicolai/pdf-continuous-scroll-mode.el

Since it is not available in melpa use-package can not be used, but the following elisp will first install quelpa and then install the package.

(use-package quelpa :ensure t)

(use-package pdf-tools
  :ensure t
  (pdf-tools-install t)
  (quelpa '(pdf-continuous-scroll-mode
          :fetcher github
          :repo "dalanicolai/pdf-continuous-scroll-mode.el"))

  (add-hook 'pdf-view-mode-hook 'pdf-continuous-scroll-mode))

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