Is there any easy way to open the system command line interface (e.g., cmd in Windows) at the directory containing the current buffer (if any)? Note that M-x shell open a command line interface within emacs, hence does not answer the question. I also tried M-x shell-command cmd but this also open the command line interface within emacs.

  • What happens if you type ! on directory name and then cmd when prompted for the program to run? I cannot test this on Windows. – wvxvw Jun 14 '17 at 12:23
  • Thank you for your comment, I don't understand by what you mean to type ! on directory name and then cmd. Do you mean to do M-! then giving cmd? – Name Jun 14 '17 at 13:13
  • In dired buffer ! is bound to dired-do-shell-command, so pressing it would be similar to M-! except Emacs automatically sets some parameteres for the command invoked, such as "current directory". – wvxvw Jun 14 '17 at 14:29

You need to use start cmd to get a new terminal window. Use M-& (async-shell-command) to avoid blocking Emacs. This creates a useless *Async Shell Command* buffer, you can use the start-process-shell-command function to avoid this:

(start-process-shell-command (format "cmd(%s)" default-directory) nil "start cmd")
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