I uses Cygwin Emacs w32. I found out that Emacs started gam_server.exe:


bash# apt-cyg depends emacs-w32 | grep gamin
170:emacs-w32 > emacs > libglib2.0_0 > libfam0 > gamin
1533:emacs-w32 > libMagickCore6_2 > libcairo2 > libglib2.0_0 > libfam0 > gamin

I am not sure if Emacs need libfam0 via libglib2.0_0... Can someone confirm this?

I removed gamin package, but dependency to gamin is "required" so on next update I need to repeat manual steps to remove that scam again. With missing gamin in Emacs console:

failed to find gam_server
Failed to connect to socket /tmp/fam-user/fam-

gam_server looks like bloatware to me.

I don't understand if that file tracking server is using Windows API or Cygwin developers ported Linux intofy API... Because otherwise it useless.

Should I open Emacs bug (Windows build uses libfam)? Should Cygwin build adjusted with come options to disable libfam/gamin?

  • This is necessary for file watching with the gfilenotify backend. The w32notify backend is probably picked by the native windows build. – wasamasa Jun 15 '17 at 12:23
  • @wasamasa file-notify--library is gfilenotify. and (featurep 'gfilenotify) and (member "gfilenotify.o" build-files). – gavenkoa Jun 15 '17 at 13:48

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