Windows 10 (64 bit), Emacs 25.1, package dired+.

In dired mode files size show in bytes. But I want to show in KB.

enter image description here

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Try using h among your dired-listing-switches - e.g., -alFh. It stands for "human-readable", and it shows sizes in KB etc.

But which ls switches are available can depend on your particular ls command (e.g. on your platform), so try M-x man RET ls RET.

Instead of, or in addition to, setting dired-listing-switches, you can just use a prefix arg with command dired, to be prompted for the ls switches to use for that directory listing. E.g., C-u C-x d.

Update 2019-06-16. If your ls supports it (or if you use built-in ls-lisp.el, which is the case by default for MS Windows) you can use S (uppercase) with h to show and sort by human-readable size.


Does dired-listing-switches help? I've set mine to -alh and I get the filesizes in KB, but not the available bytes. There might be another setting for that.


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