I'm trying to use theming to make adjustments to an existing theme. Under dotspacemacs/user-init I have the following section:

  (setq-default theming-modifications
           (font-lock-comment-face :foreground "#bbbbbb")
           (org-level-1 :foreground "#ea056d")
           (org-level-3 :weight 'normal)
           (default :cursor "pink")
           (cursor :background "pink")
  • The font-lock-comment and org-level-1 adjustments work just fine.
  • :weight 'normal gives an error: set-face-attribute: Wrong type argument: symbolp, (quote normal)
  • I also get a wrong argument error when I try :slant 'italic
  • The last two lines don't create errors but also neither has an impact on the cursor color, individually or combined

I'm a bit at a loss of why that is. I couldn't find anything in the documentation of theming that would send me in the right direction.

How can I adjust the weight or slant of a font using theming in spacemacs?

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