Is there any way of reordering the list of bookmarks that is shown in bookmark-bmenu-list (C-x r l) ?

I want to put some commonly accessed bookmarks in the top and group them by meaning.

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If you use Bookmark+ then you can reorder the bookmark-list display (from C-x r l) in many ways, and you can easily define additional ways.

See Sorting Bookmarks. Just a flavor of what's involved:

There are many such predefined sort orders bound to keys with the prefix s — use C-h m or ? for more info.

s > – Sort marked (>) before unmarked

s * – Sort modified (*) before unmodified

s 0 – Sort by bookmark creation date/time

s b – Sort by last buffer or file access

s d – Sort by last bookmark access date/time

s D – Sort flagged (D) before unflagged

s f d – Sort by last local file access date/time

s f k – Sort by local file kind: file, symlink, dir

s f n – Sort by file name

s f s – Sort by local file size

s f u – Sort by last local file update (edit) date/time

s g – Sort by Gnus thread: group, article, message.

s i – Sort by Info manual, node, position

s k – Sort by bookmark type (kind)

s n – Sort by bookmark name

s t – Sort tagged (t) before untagged

s v – Sort by visit frequency

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