So I have opened a buffer where a python script is loaded. I do M-x load-library RET and after that realgud:pdb. Then I get pdb /path_to_script/main_func.py which is ok. After pressing enter I get the error (file-error "Searching for program" "No such file or directory" "pdb")

So how do I get around this. From what I understand and have seen so far pdb is not a standalone executable. It's a module that is imported into the code directly. But from what I can get here there are no further steps required to run it (no import as well?). So what am I missing?

I'm on OS X and emacs 25.2 (9)

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There are a couple of possibilities. First, you could create a pdb shell script that invokes pdb. For example:

python -m pdb $@

Or when you are asked Run pdb like this (pdb ...) enter, well, the command you want to run, e.g. python -m pdb ...

If someone wants to beef up the realgud code to special-case the python debugger (and IMHO too much of Python and the Python ecosystem is its own special case which leads to confusion like this), I'll accept a pull request.

Also, I've added this info off of the link cited.

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    Add to .emacs: (setq realgud:pdb-command-name "python -m pdb")
    – Harvey
    Commented May 25, 2018 at 14:15

Probably pdb command is messed up with the password database package.

I use ipdb which just works. You have to pip install ipdb first. And then do M-x realgud:ipdb.

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