I could not find any function to list the keys of an associton list in Emacs documentation. So I wrote a simple one.

(defun my/keys (alist)
    "Return the keys of the given ALIST."
    (let ((value nil)
                (result-list ()))
    (dolist (value alist result-list)
        (setq result-list (cons (car value) result-list)))))

For which the following test evaluates true:

(ert-deftest keys-test ()
    (should (equal (my/keys '((key1 . "foo")
                              ("key2" . "bar")
                              (1 . "bazz")))
                             ;; result:
                             '(1 "key2" key1))))

I do not like reinventing the well are there any Emacs built-in function analogues with mine?


There isn't a built-in for that, hence why libraries like kv.el have been written. Your code can be significantly simplified though:

(defun alist-keys (alist)
  (mapcar 'car alist))
  • 5
    What about map-keys from map.el .
    – politza
    Jun 18 '17 at 14:48
  • Hm, didn't check for that one. Feel free to write another answer!
    – wasamasa
    Jun 18 '17 at 18:33

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