Auctex comes with a folding mode that already folds most of the uninteresting things. However, acronym macros are not folded. How can I instruct Auctex to fold acronym macros (e.g., \ac, \acp, \acf, etc.)?



% Acronyms
  \acro{IDS}{Intrusion Detection Systems}
  \acro{ML}{Machine Learning}


\title{Just another Auctex document}

\section{Section 1}
This section uses acronyms. For example, \ac{IDS} or \ac{ML}.


If I enable folding mode (TeX-fold-mode), how could I instruct Auctex to also fold the macros \ac{}?

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I have discovered the variable "TeX-fold-macro-spec-list". This variable contains a list of macros that are folded by "TeX-fold-mode". To fold the acronym macros (e.g.: \ac{}, \acp{}, \acf{}, \acpf{}), I have placed the following lines in my init.el file:

;; Set custom folds for Acronyms
(add-to-list 'TeX-fold-macro-spec-list '("{1}" ("ac" "acf")))
(add-to-list 'TeX-fold-macro-spec-list '("{1}s" ("acp" "acpf")))

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