First I had flycheck and it worked just fine for my C projects. At the time, I was having a problem with my init file. I even posted about it. I was using an org file as my config file (using org-babel) and I accidentally used #+END_SRC emacs-lisp and it confused the interpreter.

After correcting that problem, I have decided to install cmake-ide and wrote some basic configs that can be found here. After that, my flycheck began to prompt an error that said

Error while checking syntax automatically: (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)

Then I read some parts of the documentations for cmake-ide and rtags and I discovered that I had to compile some parts of rtags that were not written in lisp. After the compilation, that flycheck error just magically disappears but it does not check for errors. I don't know if cmake-ide is configuring it the wrong way or if it is something else I'm missing.

Edit: I was using my config file on another computer and I just couldn't install rtags, so I removed it (and also cmake-ide). After that, flycheck just works normally. I wonder what configs I'm missing.

Does cmake-ide create some wrong configs for flycheck if I'm not on a cmake project?


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