I oftentimes need to schedule items for 60 days from now or 90 days from now. Is there an easy way to schedule items for X days from today in org-mode?

Note that in Emacs's calendar, you can simply type 90 C-f to go to 90 days from the date that point is at. This is basically what I'm looking for, but doesn't seem to work in the scheduler you get when you C-c C-s a header in org-mode.


The doc-string for org-schedule states that it accepts "a delta like +2d". To read more about this function, type M-x describe-function RET org-schedule RET. Try evaluating (org-schedule nil "+90d") -- i.e., M-x eval-expression RET (org-schedule nil "+90d") RET. You can also call this function interactively, M-x org-schedule RET +90d RET. The function org-schedule is bound by default to C-c C-s.

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