I am trying to learn an orgmode tutorial in Spacemacs (terminal mode) and it seems tha the Spacemacs key bindings are getting in the way.

How can I revert the Spacemacs bindings temporarily for that session, or that buffer if possible?

The other problem I have is when I ssh into another user account to edit the file in standards emacs (also terminal mode) the Alt - Arrow keys don't work. They are replaced by character codes. such as 3A and 3C

UPDATE: It turns out my problem came from Alt,Shift and Ctrl cursor combinations not working in my terminal configuration. The fix for that is in https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/375825/how-can-emacs-be-configured-to-accept-shift-and-alt-cursor-combinations-properly and it is also related to Shift+Up isn't recognized by Emacs in a terminal

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You can switch from Evil mode back to Emacs-state using M-x evil-emacs-state, which by default is bound to C-z.

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