I find that I often have to suffer typing some similar latex codes many times in different equations or the same equation. So it will be convenient that all the codes in the existed equations in the buffer could be used as the backend for autocompletion.

It seems to me that it should be the same technique used in the autocompletion for the plain text. That is,

  1. collect all the codes/words separated by space in the buffer as the backend
  2. list the candidates with the same beginning

It's great if some superuser can implement this. Any comments or suggestions are also welcome.

PS: I already use cdlatex for symbol completion. As I tested, company-auctex didn't list the codes in the existed equations.

  • The function texmathp defined in AUCTeX (autoloaded from texmathp) could detect whether point is or is not inside a LaTeX math environment. Please look at here for details. – Eden Harder Jul 8 '17 at 8:05

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