Using gdb defined by package gdb-mi.el I got the breakpoints red dots after click on line with mouse or defining on gdb buffer. However, using a alternative wrapper for gdb present on the stantard packages of emacs gud-gdb defined on gdb.el, I cannot. This is possible? Only shows on my buffer the current point of execution (white arrow).

Example: calling gdb from M-x gud-gdb RET Calling gdb from <code>gud-gdb</code>

Example: calling gdb from M-x gdb RET (desired behavior about breakpoints) enter image description here

Someone can ask whyI just not use the gdband forgot about gud-gdb and the answer is because I can't. On my Windows machine I receive a lot bugs and crash using it. The bugs is mainly because the bad Cygwin support about handling stdin far I know. Just doesn't works debugging via gdb programs whose read something from stdin, he injects the string -interpreter-exec console as I described recently on this StackOverflow thread. So I need use gud-gdb.

Thanks in advance.

  • We could probably work through the specific problems, but I have a feeling this is not going to be of much overall value. Perhaps try using realgud instead and then let's work out the issues there. As best as I can tell, gud-gdb is really not maintained anymore and probably for good reason. gdb-mi is I think more recently maintained, but apparently has problems too. And you will find realgud has problems too, but at least I am willing to work through some of them. – rocky Oct 8 '17 at 15:49
  • I undestand. But using gdb-mi will not work since the problem is about Cygwin on an ancient bug, so I think using gdb-mi on windows is pretty hopeless. The definitive "solution" is just to forget about gdb-mi on windows and use gud-gdb (and ignore the lack of features provided by gdb-mi). By another hand, on Linux I can user whatever I wish. – Manoel Vilela Oct 8 '17 at 20:57
  • Yes, you've said that gdb-mi will not work on Cygwin. And improving gud-gdb doesn't look like a possible avenue either which is probably why everyone has ignoring you. So you can keep carping on about your problem or try something different. – rocky Oct 8 '17 at 21:06
  • Indeed. But this feature is not a big deal too. I'm using gud-gdb since I opened this question and works fine, the mouse feature is something forgetful. I only opened this question to see if someone passed by the same problem. Since not, actually I until forgot about it and just remembered it after you comment here. I'll test realgud later, thanks for the tip. – Manoel Vilela Oct 8 '17 at 21:47

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