Is there some kind of popup creator package which enables me to create some customized cheat sheets to help me with commands I need or haven't yet memorized?

I want to create some simple text files, get them to popup when I need them, cancel the popup after seeing the command I need, or select and execute the command it.

It must be something like the helm-descbinds but one whose information I create myself, so I can tab to the command I want and execute it.

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The following packages may help you:

which-key              ;;; Display available keybindings in popup
hydra                 ;;; Make bindings that stick around

Which key will remind you of available commands as you type. Then pick bindings that group your commands so they are easier to remember (C-c p is projectile-map). I type C-c p and which-key shows me the available projectile commands.

(use-package which-key              ;;; Display available keybindings in popup
  :diminish which-key-mode
  (setq which-key-sort-order 'which-key-key-order-alpha)   ;; sort single chars alphabetically P p Q q
  (setq which-key-idle-delay 0.8)

I use hydra to help remind me of avy-actions

(defhydra hydra-avy-action (:color red :hint nil)
Avy actions^^^^^
_y_: yank           [_z_ _X_]: kill-stay     [_n_ _c_]: copy     _i_ : ispell
_t_: teleport        ^ ^ _x_ : kill-move      ^ ^ _m_ : mark
  ("c" avy-action-copy)
  ("n" avy-action-copy)
  ("m" avy-action-mark)
  ("t" avy-action-teleport)
  ("x" avy-action-kill-move)
  ("X" avy-action-kill-stay)
  ("y" avy-action-yank)
  ("z" avy-action-kill-stay)
  ("i" avy-action-ispell)
  ("M-g p" nil "avy-pop-mark"))

(bind-key "C-9" 'hydra-avy-action/body)


I use a custom menu. with the package easy-menu you can create your own menus. They show a title, a popup help and the key shortcut.
Do it like this:

(easy-menu-define my-menu global-map "My-Menu"
        [ "insert file content"   insert-file :help "Copy content of file at point" ]
       ( "---" )
       [ "Save WindowLayout"    my-custom-function :keys "C-u C-x r SPC w" :help "Save window layout\n the keybinding is for a similar command" ]
       ( "Lisp"      :active (string= major-mode "lisp-mode")
         [ "restore scratch"        (switch-to-buffer "*scratch*") :help "create or switch *scratch* buffer\nnext line" ]

Note: This code should demonstrate what is possible. Put the code in your init.el or emacs.el.


I ended up using https://github.com/darksmile/cheatsheet.

It is quite simple and straightforward, but I am sure I can cook up something more sophisticated when my emacs skills improve

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