I use org-mode to maintain a to-read list of articles. An entry in the list is produced by a function that I wrote in ELisp. The function uses bibtex-completion-get-value for the title and bibtex-completion-apa-get-value for the authors of the article.

Currently, an entry can look like this:

* UNREAD  "Fast and Almost Optimal Any-Angle Pathfinding Using the 2\({}^{\mbox{k}}\) Neighborhoods" by Hormaz\'abal, Nicol\'as, D\'\iaz, Antonio, Hern\'andez, Carlos, & Baier, J. A.

To be able to correctly export this list to latex/pdf (see this reply), I would like to automatically replace \'a for á, \'\i for í etc. in the string returned by bibtex-completion-apa-get-value.

Can I achieve this without having to explicitly handle each possible accented character? (which would be considerably more complicated than this code, since the mapped keys would need to be strings such as "\'\i")


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