I connect to an emacs server via emacsclient. Frequently the first thing I want open is a new buffer with an ansi-terminal in it.

Is there a way to launch emacsclient and to send the command "open a new buffer with an ansi-terminal"?

EDIT: Or better yet, is there a way to launch emacsclient with the command "if a buffer is already open with ansi-terminal, then go to that buffer; otherwise, launch ansi-terminal in a new window"?


This will launch emacs client with a new ansi-term:

emacsclient -c -a emacs -q --eval "(ansi-term \"/bin/bash\")"

If you have ansi-term already open why not just switch to that buffer?

If you really wanted to you can write a small lisp function to check if the buffer exists using (get-buffer name) otherwise open ansi-term. Then simply call that function in the eval statement above.

(if (get-buffer "*ansi-term*") 
   (switch-to-buffer "*ansi-term*")
  (ansi-term "/bin/bash"))

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