How to make pdftools remember the page I was on when I close a PDF document, restart Emacs and reopen the PDF? Some PDF readers after opening a document go to the last page the user was on and don't start from the beginning, I'd like Emacs to do the same.

I tried elisp I found on Github ,none of the snippets work for me. When using the last one I get this error when trying to open a PDF that was previously opened:

File mode specification error: (error "Buffer is not associated with any file :[parent directory name]")

The PDF opens fine but doesn't go to the bookmarked page, it starts from the beginning.

I also tried bookmark+. It works but I have to remember to set bookmark manually before closing the PDF which is inconvenient.


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The pdf-view-restore works for me and is available on MELPA. But the pdf-view-restore github page seems to provide more useful configuration instructions.


You should try saveplace-pdf-view.

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