I've been looking all over but none of the guides I saw worked for me.

I am trying to have the title of Spacemacs to show a custom format, namely the current project's name (the current folder's name).

I am using Iterm2, so I want the tabs to represent the directories.

Currently, the title says emacs (emacs-25.2) which isn't very useful.

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In your .spacemacs file (SPC f e d), under dotspacemacs/init, change the dotspacemacs-frame-title-format line to:

dotspacemacs-frame-title-format "%t"

That's the current projectile project's name, which is not the same as the current directory name. Not sure if there's a format string for "current directory", so you'd probably have to write some elisp if you wanted exactly that. There's also "%f" though, which is the current file path.

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