Is there a way, via cider or some other emacs extension, to run all of the tests in a leiningen project?

cider has the function cider-test-run-tests which attempts to just run the tests related to the code in the current buffer. That's fine, but often I want to run all of the tests in a project. (In fact, I'd like to run this all the time while editing.) I can't seem to find a simple way to say "find all of the tests in this project and run them."

Does anyone know how to do this?

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Unfortunately there is not a way to do this currently in cider.

One would have to write a custom command to evaluate clojure.tests/run-all-tests (or clojure.tests/run-tests with a list of namespaces as arguments).


there is an option to run all the tests in all the projects namespaces

M-x cider-test-run-project-tests or C-c C-t C-p

Here is the link to additional options for running tests



You can do this if you use lein-test-refresh and compile.

This is a function that I use with it. I'm getting system notifications so I bury the buffer.

(defun lein-test()
  (compile "lein test-refresh")
   (get-buffer "*compilation*"))
  (rename-buffer "*lein-test*")

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