Does anybody know how to clearly indicate in the mode-line that I'm working on a remote file (e.g. with the color of the buffer name, model-line background or some small tag).

I use tramp to work remotely and my mode line is customized with powerline.

Thank you!

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There is already a small indication @ in the modeline, when you're remote. Move the mouse over this char, and you'll see the remote path as hint.

If you need more: try tramp-theme from GNU ELPA. It is intended for exactly this purpose. Warning: I am the author of that package :-)

  • Weirdly I do have @ when swithching buffers with helm, but not in modeline... I wonder if it is a powerline bug/quirk. I'll have a look at the tramp-theme you suggested. Thanks.
    – user673592
    Commented Jul 20, 2017 at 7:42

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