I'm getting an error called with 1 args to fill 0 format field(s) error when byte-compiling cider-repl-history.el with Emacs 24.4 and 24.5. No such error is reported for Emacs 25.1.

Line 422 of cider-repl-history.el is a cl-assert. The docstring for cl-assert says:

Other args STRING and ARGS... are arguments to be passed to `error'.

In this case we are passing in a STRING, but no ARGS. I suspect this is a resolved bug, but I'm can't find anything by searching the bug archive.

How is this best handled? We have byte-compile-error-on-warn set to t.

  • I think you'll see the problem if you macroexpand that cl-assert call under 24.5. – npostavs Jul 22 '17 at 12:32
  • I must be missing something. Byte-compiling (cl-assert (overlayp "foo") t "not an overlay") on Emacs is just fine. The result of macroexpand-all on that form is: (progn (or (overlayp "foo") (error "not an overlay")) nil), which seems just fine. – Tianxiang Xiong Jul 22 '17 at 20:39
  • Oh...I think I got it. If the form evaluates to something non-constant, and show-args is t, we get (error string ,@sargs ,@args) in Emacs 24. Lovely. – Tianxiang Xiong Jul 22 '17 at 20:51

cl-assert has a signature like:

(form &optional show-args string &rest args)

We should not set show-args to t unless we want the args to form to be format args to string. This can be seen in the definition of cl-assert under Emacs 24 and in the definition of cl--assertion-failed under Emacs 25.


(defvar obj nil)

(macroexpand-all '(cl-assert (overlayp obj) t "not overlay"))
;; => (progn
;;     (or
;;      (overlayp obj)
;;      (error "not overlay" obj))      ;; `error' called with 1 args to fill 0 format field(s)
;;     nil)

The args to form are only given to string if they do not all expand to constants. E.g.

(macroexpand-all '(cl-assert (overlayp "foo") t "not overlay"))    
;; => (progn
;;     (or
;;      (overlayp "foo")
;;      (error "not an overlay"))       ;; OK
;;     nil)

The byte-compiler doesn't complain in Emacs 25 like in Emacs 24, but we should be setting show-args to nil in any case.

Thanks to @npostavs for the hint.

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