Windows 10 (64 bit), Emacs 25.1

When I want to connect to remote Windows machine (via VPN) I use the next steps:

  • Start application OpenVPN and success connect
  • Start msc (Remote Desktop Connection)
  • Input ip address (

As result I success connect to remote Windows machine. OK.

So I want to connect to same remote Windows machine by Emacs.

My steps in Emacs:

  • Find file (C-x C-f)
  • /

But I get error on buffer tramp/pscp

plink   -ssh -t " env 'TERM=dumb' 'PROMPT_COMMAND=' 'PS1=#$ ' /bin/sh " && exit || exit
FATAL ERROR: Network error: Connection timed out

Tramp does not support connecting a remote MS Windows host from a local MS Windows host.

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