Supposing I have my cursor resting somewhere in a bunch of text within quotes, is there a key binding that will mark or highlight just the text within the quotes so I can delete it?

This would be ideal for web-mode. Perhaps, if there's not already an emacs way of doing this, then maybe there's a way of doing in web-mode.

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You can use the expand-region or emacs-surround packages to select the text and then delete it.

Watch an intro to expand-region on: Emacs Rocks.

Or take a look at the examples of emacs-surround on its README file.

(defun select-text-in-delimiters ()
  "Select text between the nearest left and right delimiters."
  (let (start end)
    (skip-chars-backward "^<>([{\"'")
    (setq start (point))
    (skip-chars-forward "^<>)]}\"'")
    (setq end (point))
    (set-mark start)))

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