When looking at the log view while in agenda-mode, tasks which have clock time associated with them show up as:

  plan:        9:15-10:48 Clocked:   (1:33) Task A
              10:00...... ----------------
  plan:       10:48-11:05 Clocked:   (0:17) Task B
  plan:       11:05-11:36 Clocked:   (0:31) Task B

Notice how Task B has two separate times associated with it: 0:17 and 0:31. The CLOCKSUM for this task would be 0:48.

Question: When viewing this information in column mode, how do you access the individual clock times for a task? I know that CLOCKSUM gets the sum of them, but I'm interested in the individual chunks of time not their sum. In this case, I would be interested in showing the 0:17 and 0:31 in the column view for Task B. Is this possible?

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