How to find a file recursively in children? Like the opposite of locate-dominating-file (locate-dominating-file finds file recursively in its parent directory)?


Library find-dired+.el is an extension of standard library find-dired.el. It offers a few find commands that can help:

  • find-dired, find-name-dired, find-grep-dired - Like the standard commands, but with optional args to limit depth and exclude specified paths.
  • find-time-dired - Find files newer or older than a given timestamp.

Use find-lisp-find-files from find-lisp.el.

find-lisp-find-files takes two arguments: directory-to-search-from and regexp-of-file-that-you-want-to-search

(defun find-lisp-find-files (directory regexp) ...)

It returns a list of files that match the regexp if found, else it returns nil.

  • Could you show a snippet that uses it?
    – ideasman42
    Jul 31 '17 at 8:32

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