Something like this:

* TODO Go for a walk [0/2]
** TODO Walk for 30 minutes
** TODO Walk for 30 minutes

Would become something like this:

* TODO Walk for 1 hour {0/2}

And then, the state cycle would be:

-> TODO {0/2} -> TODO {0/1} -> ... -> DONE {2/2} -> TODO {0/2} -> ...
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    [I was not the person who down-voted without leaving constructive criticism in the form of a comment.] There is no built-in support (that I am aware of) to perform calculations and text modifications incorporating said calculations when using the org-cycle functions.
    – lawlist
    Jul 31 '17 at 18:01

So long as all the tasks in one file have the same number of sub-tasks, then you can customize the TODO keywords, like this:

#+SEQ_TODO: TODO:{0/2} TODO:{1/2} | DONE:{2/2}

* TODO:{0/2} Go for a walk

That should produce the state cycle you want.

After editing the SEQ_TODO keywords, you need to type C-c C-c on that line so that org will recognize the change. Note that you can't use a normal space in a TODO keyword if you set it this way, although you could if you set it programmatically, or you could use a unicode non-breaking space (e.g., type C-x 8 <return> non br sp).

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