In console version of Emacs (emacs -nw), I can create frame with C-x 5 2 and use C-x 5 o to switch between them. This concept is just like "workspace" in Linux desktop, or "Mission Constrol" in macOS.

However, when I use C-x 5 2 under GUI Emacs, Emacs create a new (OS's window, not the window in Emacs) window. I don't like it.

How to make frame's behavior in GUI the same as in console?

  • You cannot make GUI Emacs behave like terminal Emacs in so far as frames are concerned. There are alternatives to keep everything in just one GUI frame like tabbar and elscreen, but if you like terminal, then just stick with that. I personally stick with the GUI version on OSX and just line up my frames one on top of the other so that it gives the appearance of just one frame -- Emacs lets us control the exact pixel size and location of frames, so lining them up (one on top of the other) is a breeze. I even have a function to maximize all, and shrink all frames in one fell swoop. – lawlist Aug 1 '17 at 3:53

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