Hello I am novice programmer and I am trying to debug a simple C program, using getline (from the K&R book at the beginning) - input ends on newline.

I have a problem with gdb on Emacs. When I debug from the shell the program works normally. When it reaches the input line and asks for input I type my input, press enter and proceed with debugging steps. However when I debug with the command M-x gdb (run with default settings) the program reaches the input line and asks for input. I type my input and then cannot proceed debugging: RET doesn't get me out of the input stage and the program seems to wait for more input.

Update: works fine with M-x gud-gdb


Type your input in the "input/output" window. Not in the "gud" window.

In the layout shown in GDB User Interface Layout it is the one labled "I/O buffer for debugged pgm"

  • Just to add a bit more context, you will need to switch to the *I/O* buffer to type your input. Then you will need to switch back to the *gdb* buffer to continue to execute your gdb commands. – 46_and_2 Nov 5 '18 at 3:10

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