One can use auto-mode-alist to define modes based on the regex and the filename. However I want to use different modes for files depending on which folder they are in.

So, for example, in a django project, I might want to use web-mode for *.html files, but in all other projects, I would want to use the default mode for *.html files.

How can I configure emacs to do this?

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You can use auto-mode-alist to select a mode based on the entire file path, not just the name / extension. The rules are evaluated in order, so you can have an entry to match html files that match some particular parent path and then a more general rule for all other html files based only on the extension.

For example, you could add a rule to remap the html extension for anything under your projects directory:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("projects/.*\\.html$" . web-mode))

File paths that don't match will fall through to the default html rule.

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