When I start emacsclient from command line as below:

emacsclient -a '' -c "$@"

It always starts in the background (terminal window on top of emacsclient window), so I have to use mouse to click the window to switch to emacsclient.

It's really frustrating, can I get emacsclient to focus the frame that pops up when invoked from command line?

enter image description here

  • This is probably more a function of the window manager/desktop environment, than of emacs/emacsclient. In my case, the new frame pops up on top of the terminal window, e.g. (Gnome 3.20 on Fedora 24).
    – NickD
    Aug 7, 2017 at 21:52

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You might be able to use the server-switch-hook and raise the frame. Something like:

(add-hook 'server-switch-hook #'raise-frame)

If that leaves you without focus on the new frame you might try something like this instead:

(add-hook 'server-switch-hook (lambda () (select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame))))

If you are looking to have a shell command to bring up an Emacs frame (without specifying one or more files to edit), you can also do this from the command line:

emacsclient -e "(raise-frame)"
  • It doesn't work. but it sounds like if add a filename at the command line, emacs will popup to foreground but without file to open, it will stay at background.
    – lucky1928
    Aug 8, 2017 at 19:43
  • If you don't need to pass file name arguments you can also call a function from the command line, e.g.: emacsclient -e '(raise-frame)'
    – glucas
    Aug 8, 2017 at 19:45
  • 1
    Your (select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame)) advice worked for me. May 25, 2018 at 16:23
  • 1
    I also couldn't get this to work using server-switch-hook, but it did work by adding the select-frame-set-input-focus... function to server-after-make-frame-hook. Not sure if there are any downsides to doing that instead...
    – apc
    Sep 2, 2022 at 21:21

This problem was also reported as an issue (see spacemacs issue #7078). The solution of using a wrapper script posted there worked for me. For completeness I will add the content of the script here:


if [[ "$#" -lt 1 ]] ; then
    emacsclient -c -e \
                "(select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame))" \
                "(delete-other-windows)" \
                "(spacemacs/home)" else
    emacsclient -c -e \
                "(select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame))" \
                "(delete-other-windows)" \
                "(find-file \"$1\")" fi

I do not have enough reputation points to comment here. But it would be great if information about where to place the server-switch-hook could be added to the answer by @glucas. In the end I did not get any of his solutions to work in a fully straightforward way...


I also encountered a similar issue. I need to use a timer to call select-frame-set-input-focus after a delay to ensure the newly created frame get focused:

(defun force-focus-selected-frame ()
    (run-at-time 0.1 nil
                 (lambda (frame) (select-frame-set-input-focus frame))
(add-hook 'server-after-make-frame-hook #'force-focus-selected-frame)

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