If an org-mode document includes footnotes, and you export to ODT, you get footnotes at the bottom of every page.

For a journal submission, I need these to be endnotes.

This is fairly easy in LaTeX export, but I can't find the switch for ODT export. I did find that I can manually edit the ODT in LibreOffice to move footnotes to "end of document," so I think I can do what I need by hand. But... would be nice if it could "just work."


How to export org-mode to ODT with endnotes?

Author of the ODT exporter here.

Just change your stylesheet as outlined in https://github.com/kjambunathan/org-mode-ox-odt/issues/19?_pjax=%23js-repo-pjax-container#issuecomment-323742879

When you need help with the ODT exporter, talk to me directly via https://github.com/kjambunathan/org-mode-ox-odt/issues.

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