I'm trying to compile a remote project using M-x compile. I have the remote project directory open in a remote Dired buffer. M-x compile results in the following command:

Compile command: make -C 
/ssh:[email protected]:/home/bob/micke/projects/LCC/ clean

The command fails with the following error message:

-*- mode: compilation; default-directory: 
"/scp:[email protected]:/home/bob/micke/projects/LCC/" -*-
Compilation started at Mon Aug 21 10:38:30

make -C /ssh:[email protected]:/home/bob/micke/projects/LCC/ clean
make: *** /ssh:[email protected]:/home/bob/micke/projects/LCC/: No 
such file or directory.  Stop.

Compilation exited abnormally with code 2 at Mon Aug 21 10:38:31

(I have masked the remote server user and name). I have passwordless log in setup on the remote host using a certificate, I use this without any problems outside Emacs.

I know the directory on the remote machine exist and I know the remote user and remote machine is correct (I have the remote directory opened in a remote Dired buffer).

Do I have to setup anything else when doing remote development and compilation?

Regards, Micke.

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The arguments of your compile command must not use remote file name syntax. It should look like

make -C /home/bob/micke/projects/LCC/ clean

Due to the remote default-directory, Tramp knows to run this on the remote host.

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