I'm going to set key binding to open and edit my init.el. Hotkey will call this function.

(defun my-edit-configuration () "Open the init file." (interactive) (find-file user-init-file))

I wouldn't want to rewrite another standard key binding. What kind of a key binding usually utilized in Emacs for this purpose?

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I don't think there is a standard key binding to open the init file. There isn't really a standard keybinding for any function that isn't part of Emacs to begin with.

In general, the keybindings C-c [a-z] are reserved for users. That's control-c followed by an unmodified letter. C-c C-[a-z] may be used by major modes.


Tyler's answer is right but there is a more specific way of remembering and accessing places in emacs and I recommend to use it instead of wasting your scarce reserved keybindings: bookmarks.


  • C-x r m to bookmark a file.
  • C-x r b to access a bookmark.
  • C-x r l to list and edit bookmarks.

Now you know how to bookmark your init.el. Using C-x r b with, for example, ido-mode is a really fast way of accessing files and places.


Before bind any key just check if it already bound: do C-h k <and press hot key combination>. It will describe hotkey if it signed.

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