spacemacs with Evil uses gcc to toggle whether a line is commented or not.

I'd like to change it to ,cc. How should I go about this in my .spacemacs file?

  • Do you mean g c (the extra c in g c c doesn't seem to do anything special for me except start a new command)? Your preferred binding is a bit contrary to spacemacs' way of working because , is already used to access commands for the current major mode. Does it have to be that key combination? If so, I think you might need to define a tiny minor mode that just defines that key, because that key combination might be bound in many modes' keymaps? – Croad Langshan Nov 12 '17 at 0:33
  • Nevermind, I never managed to adapt to spacemacs and reverted to vim. I'll happily mark an answer as accepted if it is put forward, but my personal preferences on the topic no longer matter too much. – user2891462 Nov 13 '17 at 6:53

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