I've been playing with vc-git-grep as pointed to by this answer How do you grep from within emacs ( git grep 'foo' | grep baa )

I have a special requirement like this:

$ git grep -e 'include' --and -e Image

components/core/app/models/contact.rb:  include HasImage
components/core/app/models/opportunity.rb:  include HasBannerImage
components/core/app/models/organization.rb:  include HasImage
components/core/app/models/organization.rb:  include HasBannerImage

Is it possible to do that with emacs vc-git-grep ?

I tried

-*- mode: grep; default-directory: "~/" -*-
Grep started at Wed Sep  6 06:59:56

git --no-pager grep -n -e Image -- *
Gemfile.lock:70:      rails-assets-Imagesloaded (= 4.1.1)
Gemfile.lock:362:    rails-assets-Imagesloaded (4.1.1)

To summarize, my question is, is it possible to manipulate the parameters passed to the git grep command?

  • You should look at the counsel package. The commands counsel-rg and counsel-git-grep are great. counsel-projectile-rg is another really good one. – eflanigan00 Sep 6 '17 at 17:25

I found the answer to my own question. It seems M-x grep is pretty powerful, in that it can handle any "grep like" shell command's output.

So you can do

M-x grep
# it will ask you for the command, paste this
git --no-pager grep -n -e 'include' --and -e Image

and voila!

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    You might consider customizing grep-command if this is the standard way you want to use M-x grep – phils Sep 6 '17 at 14:33

This feature has been recently added to Emacs (see this commit), and will probably be out on version 27.

The NEWS entry is:

*** New customizable variable 'vc-git-grep-template'. This new variable allows customizing the default arguments passed to git-grep when 'vc-git-grep' is used.

Refer to C-hv vc-git-grep-template for usage.

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    Right now this is a link-only answer, and risks being deleted. Could you explain here how to use it? It's ok if the functionality isn't released yet. – zck Oct 8 '18 at 15:59
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    @zck, Have fixed that. – phils Oct 8 '18 at 23:59

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